Digital Media

In the complex world of e-commerce, data is power. Yet without deep analytical and real-world expertise, it’s all just numbers. Our performance digital team integrates your advertising efforts and e- commerce operations, measuring performance through dataflow automation and constantly optimizing on the fly. We empower you with thoughtful insights from our daily immersion and platform expertise so your team can drive more revenue and grow your brand.

Sponsored marketing campaigns start with strategy development, implementation of best practices and allocation of ad-spend budget. We manage performance, monitor results and report on insights and analytics to expand your brand awareness, increase CTR, and drive more traffic to your social channels and website.

We have the experience to guide your Facebook and Google Ads Capitalize on the millions of Google searches each day!

  • Use strategic search keyword targeting to attract potential customersto your site and away from your competitors!
  • Incorporate negative keywords to make sure you’re not paying forsearches that would have led to your site organically!
  • Showcase dynamic image and text creative for effective display adsthat generate low cost per click (CPC) and / or cost per thousand impressions (CPM)!
  • Learn as the campaign progresses and shifts budget to what is mosteffective at driving a return on investment (ROI)!